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Free shipping on US orders above $50 and Canadian orders above $100!
Free shipping on US orders above $50 and Canadian orders above $100!

Italian Artisan Handcrafted Leather Handbags Made In Italy


From Italian Artisan with love: handcrafted leather goods which have conquered the world

At Oasisincentives, we partner only with the best Italian Artisans in Italy. Selecting them in the regions known for exceptional expertise in specific products. This allows us to access the best knowledge and craftsmanship available, relying on learnings and traditions passed through generations. These Italian Artisan craftsmen are passionate about their skills and care about the quality of each single piece they create.


Italian products have often been associated with elegance, quality, high differentiation, and strong links to tradition. And not one of your purchases from our Italian Artisan will disappoint such expectations. Each bag, briefcase, and wallet has been designed and handmade with A class leather to offer you an excellent product, refined in every seam and insert, at the best price. Beautiful and robust at the same time, our leather bags have become must-have, lovable accessories for all the women and men around the world.


At, you can find a wide variety of handcrafted, genuine-leather goods.

Our Made In Italy Shop online offers trendy bags and wallets both for work and leisure time wearing, so don’t miss out on any of our fashion accessories. From classy handbags to comfortable backpack purses and shoulder-cross body bags; from fanciful pochettes and elegant clutches to timeless doctor bags and roomy shopping bags. Have a look at our products and special offers. There’s a perfect bag for any moment and occasion. We have no doubt that on our catalog you’ll find a purse that perfectly fits each of your special moments.


Genuine leather in all the colors of the rainbow. Our Italian Artisan craftsmanship allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of colors and shades. Fashionable or traditional, our Italian Artisan bags will perfectly match and complete any of your outfits.


Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Whether it’s a cocktail with friends, a dinner date, or a business meeting, there are plenty of opportunities for you to stylishly stand out from the crowd. So, why don’t you wear one of our genuine-leather bags to be unique? Just check out our online shop, choose the bags that really suit you and express yourself, every day.


Our Italian Artisan briefcases (both for men and women) have been designed to follow and assist you in the most crucial moments of your working life. Style and robustness, elegance and functionality all at your hands.

Due to the nature of leather/suede, small variances of color in the skin may occur. This is in no way considered a defect. These are inherent characteristics of leather/suede and will enhance the individual look of your garment.